As well as heroin, there are other opiates, such as morphine, Diconal (dipipanone), Temgesic (buprenorphine) and methadone (of which more later). There are also narcotic analgesics, such as codeine and DF 118 (dihydrocodeine tartrate). These all have legitimate medical uses, but are also used by addicts if they cannot get more favoured drugs.

They may be swallowed, or crushed and injected. The dangers are similar to those of heroin. Diconal, when it is injected, is particularly dangerous.

All kinds of household substances (for obvious reasons we shall not be explicit) are sniffed. They give the user a feeling rather like drunkenness. They can be sedating or disinhibiting, or can produce distortions of reality.

Sniffing is not highly addictive, but some kids nevertheless become dependent on it. Others experiment for only a short time. Glue sniffing may be the prelude to trying other drugs.

Health risks

  • Suffocation. Using large plastic bags or sniffing in confined spaces can mean breathing is obstructed. Users can also choke on their own vomit. Some gases squirted directly into the mouth produce suffocation.
  • Heart attacks can be caused by inhaling some solvents.
  • Brain damage, fits, liver and kidney damage - these can all result from prolonged or intense sniffing.
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